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Getting Started with Blogger

introduction to blogger (Preview!) 4:22
creating your blogger account (Preview!) 7:26
making your first blog post 2:08

Navigating Blogger

getting around blogger 4:53
understanding the work page 2:19
overview of the blogger tabs 4:38

Text and Links

changing the color, size, font and style of text 4:05
creating links to other websites 3:31
creating an email link 1:36
formatting text 4:11

Uploading Images to Blogger

uploading a photo from your computer 4:46
uploading a photo from another website 3:22
resizing photos in blogger 2:31
moving photos on blogger 2:52
finding photos for your blog 4:21
resizing photos 7:39
linkable photos 1:51

Video In Blogger

uploading video to blogger part 1 2:47
uploading video to blogger part 2 1:42

Post Options

reader comments 1:45
post time and date 3:34

Managing Posts

editing posts 3:01
posting as a draft 1:19

Page Elements

introduction to page elements 4:02
the header page element 4:43
the post page element 10:08
adding a poll 3:32
the list page element 2:59
the link list page element 2:35
the picture page element 3:29
implementing google adsense 6:15
the text page element 3:27
the html and java page element 4:22
the labels page element 4:28
adding the blogger logo 1:27
the archive element 4:56
the newsreel element 3:43
the video bar element 3:01
moving page elements 2:52
the profile page element 4:30

Post Options

creating your personal profile 10:05
adding a photo to your personal profile 5:59
creating an audio message for your profile 4:20

Gmail Account

setting up a gmail account 4:26

Uploading Audio

uploading audio to googles servers 4:55

Working With Your Template

changing your templates colors 3:01
using the color picker 3:09
selecting a color family 3:46
changing your blogs font 2:58
saving your template 3:40
selecting a new template 4:36
using custom templates 5:34
the customized template warning 3:43

Blog Settings – Basic

changing your blogs title and description 1:20
add your blog to googles listings 1:47
show quick editing 1:43
show compose mode 2:13
show transliteration button 1:26

Blog Settings – Publishing

changing your blogspot domain name 1:22
send pings 0:51

Blog Settings – Formatting

number of posts on home page 2:06
changing time stamps 2:09
convert line breaks 4:05
title and link field 5:19
enable float alignment 1:20
post template 3:09
html post template 6:02

Blog Settings – Comments

overview of comments 4:30
show or hide comments 3:21
who can comment 1:18
comments default for posts 1:46
backlinks 5:41
comment form message 2:16
show comments in a popup window 2:26
enable comment moderation 2:42
show word verification for comments 4:28
show profile images on comments 0:49
comment notification 1:11

Blog Settings – Archiving

archive frequency 0:57
enable post pages 1:37

Blog Settings – Site Feed

allow blog feeds 5:37
post feed redirect url 2:30
post feed footer 3:24

Blog Settings – Email

blogsend address 1:45
mail-to-blogger address 2:36

Blog Settings – Permissions

inviting others to post on your blog 5:50
choosing blog readers 3:32

Google Gadgets

maps and directions 6:01
adding gadgets to the sidebar 2:25
adding games to your blog 2:35


slideshow software overview 5:18
uploading slides to 1:25
changing your slideshows style 4:16
adding slide captions 2:35
adding the slideshow to your blog 2:03
creating an animoto slide video 4:15
adding the animoto slide video to your blog 2:56

Credit Cards and PayPal

accepting credit cards on your blog 3:03
setting up your paypal account 3:14
creating paypal code for your blog 3:32
adding paypal buttons to your blog 3:10
creating a buy now button 4:40
repairing the line break problem 3:31

Converting Your Blog Into A Website

the difference between a blog and a website 6:17
creating a static home page 2:38
selecting a website template 0:56
adding a photo to your websites header 1:21
removing comments and time stamps 2:37
removing subscribe to posts atom 1:50
removing inappropriate page elements 1:06
removing numbers from labels 3:49
removing show posts with label 2:29
removing new, home and old post buttons 2:24
hiding labels text under each post 4:28
hiding the blogger navbar 1:35
organizing your websites navigation with labels 3:43
organizing your websites navigation with a link list 3:43
final website results 1:47

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